Social Sciences and Humanities

SH1_1 Macroeconomics; monetary economics; economic growth

SH1_11 Human resource management; operations management, marketing

SH1_13 Public economics; political economics; law and economics

SH1_14 Health economics; economics of education

SH1_15 Public economics; political economics; law and economics

SH1_2 International management; international trade; international business; spatial economics

SH1_3 Development economics, health economics, education economics

SH1_4 Finance; asset pricing; international finance; market microstructure

SH1_5 Corporate finance; banking and financial intermediation; accounting; auditing; insurance

SH1_7 Behavioural economics; experimental economics; neuro-economics

SH2_12 GIS, spatial analysis; big data in political, geographical and legal studies

SH2_2 Democratisation and social movements

SH2_4 Legal studies, constitutions, human rights, comparative law

SH2_7 Environmental and climate change, societal impact and policy

SH3_11 Social aspects of teaching and learning, curriculum studies, education and educational policies

SH3_12 Communication and information, networks, media

SH3_13 Digital social research

SH3_2 Inequalities, discrimination, prejudice, aggression and violence, antisocial behaviour

SH4_1 Cognitive basis of human development and education, developmental disorders; comparative cognition

SH4_10 Language typology; historical linguistics

SH4_11 Pragmatics, sociolinguistics, linguistic anthropology, discourse analysis

SH4_12 Philosophy of mind, philosophy of language

SH4_2 Personality and social cognition; emotion

SH4_5 Attention, perception, action, consciousness

SH4_6 Learning, memory; cognition in ageing

SH4_7 Reasoning, decision-making; intelligence

SH5_12 Computational Modelling and Digitisation in the Cultural Sphere

SH5_9 Metaphysics, philosophical anthropology; aesthetics

SH6_1 Historiography, Theory and methods in history, including the analysis of digital data

SH6_11 Global history, transnational history, comparative history, entangled histories

SH6_13 Gender history; Cultural History; History of Collective Identities and Memories

SH6_14 History of Ideas, Intellectual History, history of economic thought

SH6_2 Classical archaeology, history of archaeology, social archaeology

SH7_3 Population dynamics: households, family and fertility