How to apply to MSCA PF masterclass

Applications are open for the “Supervisors’ project proposals”, listed by the following panels:

ENG_Information Science and Engineering

DepartmentSupervisorProposal Title
DMECStefano ManzoniVibration control and system monitoring through smart materials
DCMCFrancesco CellesiBreaking Boundaries: Exploring Green Controlled Polymerization Techniques and Microfluidic Systems for Advanced Protein-Polymer Conjugates
DABCSimone FerrariSmart city approach for social housing neighbourhoods
DEIBMatteo MatteucciVisual Intelligence for Autonomous Robots – A Neuro-symbolic approach
DICAGiovanni MuciacciaA holistic approach to establish coupled structural and environmental performances of fastening systems in civil structures
DIGMatthias KlumppHuman-centered Analysis and Process Design in Logistics Operations (HANDS)
DICALiberato FerraraBreaking technical barriers for widespread penetration of Ultra High Performance Concrete into construction market
DIGAntonella MorettoHuman centric supply chain processes, for a resilient and sustainable purpose, thanks to the adoption of digital technologies
DCMCMatteo PelucchiDevelopment of chemistry models for low-carbon and circular economy processes
DCMCDavide MancaFuzzy vs Crisp Transition to Hydrogen-intensive Green Processes using as guidelines the Three Pillars of Sustainability
DCMCDavide MancaIndividualized Medicine for the Optimal Treatment of Patients
DEIBLuciano BaresiQSE: Quantum Software Engineering
DABCAlper KanyilmazMulti-material steel processing for resource-efficient structural parts
DEIBDaniele LoiaconoHuman-Centered AI for Adaptive Radiotherapy: Auto- Contouring, Synthetic CT Generation, and Uncertainty Quantification for Enhanced Clinical Workflow
DAERFrancesco TopputoEnabling self-driving spacecraft 
DAERChiara BisagniConcepts and methodologies for innovative multi-stable and more efficient aerospace structures in composite materials
DENGCarlo CasariDevelopment of novel 2D carbon materials beyond graphene by ab initio quantum modelling and calculations
DENGMatteo MaestriMultiscale Analysis of Catalytic and Electro-Catalytic Processes for the Energy Transition
DENGFrancesco CausoneModelling and assessing urban green infrastructures’ local climate mitigation effects
DENGMauro BracconiAdvanced Multiscale Modeling for the Intensification of Catalytic Processes for Energy Transition
DMECMatteo G. RossiMachine learning of automata models of industrial and robotic systems enabling automated property verification
DMECFrancesco BraghinA Deep-Learning Framework Leveraging Bayesian Optimisation fot the Forecasting of Driver-Vehicle Dynamics
DMECBianca Maria ColosimoBig data mining to achieve zero-waste additive manufacturing and 3D bioprinting
DMECPaola SaccomandiNovel solutions for intraoperative control of the thermal ablation therapy for cancer treatment
DEIBMarco RasponiDevelopment of engineering tools to advance organs-on-chip research
DEIBMarcello RestelliReinforcement learning via representation learning
DEIBAlberto AntoniettiComputational tools to model and study neural systems, plasticity, and neuromodulation
DEIBEnrico CaianiHead-mounted inertial sensors for biomarkers extraction and human activity recognition
DEIBLuca MainardiAI-assisted Hybrid Digital Twin for Head and Neck Cancer patient’s stratification and treatment response simulation
DCMCElena RedaelliSustainability through Durability of Concrete Structures
DABCAlberto TaliercioPrediction and mitigation of structural damage in masonry constructions and Architectural Heritage: from mechanical modeling to seismic vulnerability assessment
DMECMario GuaglianoSolid state powder deposition for additive manufacturing and functional surfaces
DMECSara BagherifardSolid-State Deposition for Multi-material Additive Manufacturing: design, monitoring and characterization
DEIBSalvatore AndolinaHuman-centered AI Methods and Tools

Application deadline: extended to 14 May 2023

Candidates will be pre-selected based on their expression of interest, CV and motivation.

There are 3 main requirements of eligibility:

  1. Applicants must have a PhD and no more than 8 years of full time research experience*
  2. Applicants can be of any nationality but must not have lived or worked in Italy for more than 12 months during the 3 years up to the closing date of the call 13 September 2023 (mobility rule)
  3. The applicants must choose the Politecnico di Milano as their Host Institution

In order to apply applicants must choose one of the "Supervisors project proposals" and send the following forms as pdf files to: mscamasterclass(at) 

All forms are compulsory.

The Politecnico di Milano team will verify candidates eligibility and send the applications to Supervisors taking in consideration the choice expressed by candidates in their application forms.

Supervisors will select one candidate per each “Supervisor project proposal”.

The selected candidates will be contacted by Politecnico di Milano team and will be invited to attend the MSCA MASTER CLASS.

Please contact mscamasterclass(at) for any questions on the funding scheme and the MSCA program.

The researcher must be, at the date of the PF call deadline (13.09.2023) in possession of a doctoral degree. At the call deadline, supported researchers must have a maximum of 8 years full-time equivalent experience in research, measured from the date that the researcher was in a possession of a doctoral degree. Years of experience outside research and career breaks (e.g. due to parental leave), will not be taken into account.