Progetti di cooperazione tra istituzioni

Erasmus + Azione Chiave 2 – Partenariati strategici

Mastermind Europe

Masters admission for a diverse international classroom

Confronting Wicked Problems

Adaption of Architectural Education to the New Situation in Europe Community Participation in Planning: Learning and Skills Framework

Community Participation in Planning

Learning and Skills Framework

New Culture in Higher Education

Project-Oriented Learning Beyond Borders

European Engineering TEAM

OMI Open Models Initiative

Tomorrow's Land

SPEET – Student Profile for Enhancing Engineering Tutoring 

Erasmus + Azione Chiave 2 – Alleanze per la conoscenza


Creating a University-Enterprise Alliance for a Spatially Enabled Society

ERASMUS + AZIONE CHIAVE 3 – Sostegno alle riforme delle politiche

Thinking SMART: Toolkit for the Engagement of HEI in regional growth