Energy Project (Energy Commission)

In June 2012 the Politecnico di Milano set up its Energy Commission to come up with strategies for the University in the field of Energy Management, taking into account implementation of Directive 2010/31/EU “EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive) Recast”.

The aim of the Energy Commission is to help the University administration achieve its targets for economic savings, conservation, rational use of energy and verification that the actions taken comply with current regulations in the field.

Energy Desk

The Energy Desk is intended to receive information, suggestions and criticism of energy management at the University. Records of information reported and of the Commission's responses will be kept, also with a view to updating of energy guidelines.

The University Energy Commission coordinator, Prof. Ennio Macchi (who may be replaced on occasion by Prof. Maurizio Delfanti or Prof. Mario Motta) is at the disposal of instructors, researchers, temporary research fellows, PhD students and other students as well as the University's technical and administrative staff two mornings a month.

Contact: sportelloenergia(at)