The Politecnico di Milano University Assessment Commission is a structure which directly supports the Rector. This body conducts assessments of the effectiveness and efficiency of the activities carried out by the university, controlling the correct use of public resources, the productivity of research and didactics as well as the impartiality and good performance of the administrative action with appropriate means.


The University Assessment Commission, for the four-year 2023/2025 term, is composed of the following professors and external experts with specific expertise in the management of public administrations and in general problems of the national university system, together with a student chosen among the Student Council representatives:

  • Prof. Massimo Castagnaro, full professor at the UniversitĂ  degli studi di Padova - President [curriculum vitae]
  • Prof. Laura Borgogni, full professor at the UniversitĂ  di Roma "La Sapienza" - Component [curriculum vitae]
  • Prof. Gianluca Setti, full professor at Politecnico di Torino - Component
  • Prof. Giancarlo Paganin, associate professor at Politecnico di Milano - Component [curriculum vitae]
  • Prof. Alessandro Pozzetti, full professor at Politecnico di Milano - Component [curriculum vitae]
  • Erica Ardu, Student representative [curriculum vitae]


In accordance with the provisions set forth by Law n. 370 of 19 October 1999, University Assessment Committees are entrusted with duty of acquiring the students’ opinion on the didactics' quality and of drawing up a report to be transmitted to the Ministry of the University and Research every year.

The University Assessment Committee essentially works as an information integrator and reader; for this purpose, it may access "all information" whatsoever available in the university and, in particular, to the information systems concerning the University Didactics Coordinating Oversight Body, the Analysis of the Scientific Credentials of the Departments and the Management Control Systems.