Social responsibility

Politecnico di Milano is committed in helping its students and researchers to understand the complex relationship between science, innovation, technology and socio-economic systems, so that they may improve their ability to produce a positive impact on the community. Such aim requires to adopt a long-term view, a change of mentality, a new approach and a widespread knowledge sharing: important goals that can be achieved one step at a time.


Polisocial is the Politecnico di Milano’s social commitment and responsibility programme. Through it, the university aims to extend its mission to public engagement and development cooperation initiatives, in response to social and local community needs. One of the programme’s initiatives is the Polisocial Award, an annual competition to support scientific research with a high social impact thanks to funding from the “five per thousand” voluntary income tax donation scheme. Since 2013, it has funded thirty-four of the almost two hundred projects submitted, with donations totalling 2.5 million euros. Starting from 2019, Polisocial will be promoting Off Campus, an initiative which will see parts of the university being opened up to the public in a number of Milan’s districts, with the aim of reinforcing the idea of a university that is more responsible, sensitive to societal challenges, open and closer to the local area and its communities.

"Cantieri" for the city of Milan

The “Cantieri” are practical projects shared with the city of Milan: initiatives with and for the city aimed to make Milan increasingly appealing. They are open laboratories devoted to innovation and research involving the best realities of the territory (bodies, institutions, enterprises) relating specifically to relevant technological themes: industry 4.0 (competence centre with MISE); smart cities (5G with Vodafone and the Municipality of Milan); health (Human Technopole); frailty of the territories (projects for urban recovery with the municipality); cultural heritage (Fabbrica del Duomo).