Sustainable mobility services

Annual subscription agreements

In line with the University’s strategic sustainability objectives, over 10 years ago the Politecnico entered into 2 agreements with the main public transport providers for the City of Milan, allowing its staff to purchase annual travel subscriptions at discounted rates.
Affiliated passes are nominative and valid for 12 months and allow an unlimited number of trips within the chosen area.

The Politecnico di Milano purchases the travel subscriptions on behalf of the staff, then recovers the cost through monthly payroll deductions. The University grants the staff a mobility contribution equal to a 35% discount on the annual subscription price.

For more information, access the Intranet and visit the page dedicated to transport subscriptions (log in with University credentials).

Bicycle Parking Station

Among the initiatives aimed to facilitate sustainable mobility, and in particular soft mobility, the University provides a Bicycle Parking Station for active users of the Politecnico di Milano (students, teachers, technical and administrative staff, etc.) located at the Leonardo Campus.

The station is sited between buildings 5 and 9 and offers 26 stands for bicycles and/or scooters. Moreover, it is equipped with a Bicycle Repair Station, which provides all the tools needed to maintain your own bicycle.

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Since 2014 The Politecnico di Milano has provided its staff with an on-campus bicycle workshop at the Bovisa Candiani Campus, which is run by student volunteers who offer free help with bike maintenance and repairs.

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Other agreements

The University has also entered into new agreements with environmentally-friendly companies. Employees will thus be able to benefit from discounts and concessions on various services in the field of sustainable mobility.

For more information, access the Intranet and visit the page dedicated to Sustainable mobility (log in with University credentials).