Supplementary pensions and benefits on banking services

Perseo Sirio: supplementary pension scheme

Perseo Sirio is a Supplementary pension scheme which was created to allow Public Administration workers to build a supplementary pension day by day, in order to face retirement with a greater ease of mind.

Membership to the scheme requires a minimum compulsory contribution to be paid by the employee equal to 1% of the gross remuneration eligible for severance pay, in addition to the severance pay accrued after membership, and grants a contribution from the University equal to 1%, also calculated on the same salary basis as above. Other advantages granted by the scheme are reduced costs, tax deductibility of contributions paid, preferential taxation on returns and especially on benefits.

For more information visit the website or access the Intranet and visit the page dedicated to Fondo Perseo Sirio (log in with University credentials).

Agreements stipulated with banking institutions

The Politecnico di Milano has stipulated free agreements with a number of major banking institutions to grant University staff discounts on the purchase and use of banking and insurance services.

For more information, access the Intranet and visit the page dedicated to banking and insurance services agreements (log in with University credentials).