Sports courses, gyms and playgrounds inside the campuses

To improve campus life while taking into account the needs of liveability and aggregation and aiming to enhance the Politecnico’s and the city of Milan’s venues, the University provides students and staff with sports centres, gyms and playgrounds where activities and courses can be practised at discounted rates.

In 2021, in the heart of the Politecnico di Milano’s historic Leonardo Campus, the University opened the Giuriati Sports Centre, a 36,000 square metre sports centre equipped for 12 disciplines including a gym, a climbing wall, an indoor multi-purpose court, two Padel courts, a Calisthenics area and much more. The centre has been recently renovated and is ready to become a place of sharing, participation and integration for students, the Politecnico community and all citizens of Milan. The new facilities were built and fitted out keeping technological innovation and energy sustainability in mind, as part of the city’s most complete sports facilities.

The Lecco Pole has recently opened the Fit Centre, which includes cardio, weights and body-weight training rooms.

In addition, every campus/pole offers free and always open playgrounds.

Every year the Politecnico organises major events involving the community and citizens in different locations (i.e. Milan, Lecco, Piacenza etc). The most important is the PolimiRun Spring, a competitive and non-competitive 10 km race with a route that winds through the city, linking the two Politecnico campuses in Milan.

For further information, please visit: POLIMI-SPORT