The Politecnico di Milano supports the Italian candidature for Expo 2030 Roma

Italian academia's commitment to educate a new generation of sustainability

The Politecnico di Milano and the Italian Universities are partners in the Italian candidature for Expo 2030 Roma and have signed a letter in which they agree to create - within the themes of regeneration, inclusion and innovation - a strong proposal that offers a unique environment for implementing international education and scientific research.

Expo 2030 Roma will be the starting point of a journey based on the sharing of projects, ideas and resources and aimed at educating a new international community, the generation of sustainability, to whom the future of the planet can be entrusted.

The Italian academic world is promoting the creation of an international hub for academic teaching, culture and scientific research, in which universities from all over the world are called upon to participate. Among the planned initiatives are the implementation of new joint projects; the establishment of scholarships for the mobility of students, researchers, lecturers and specialised personnel; and the creation of alliances involving, in addition to the academic world, important scientific, social and economic stakeholders. The founding principle of these activities will be education, analysis and research in the field of sustainability, according to a holistic vision that covers all its aspects.