Rector Donatella Sciuto new Board member of FPM.US

The Foundation aims to consolidate Politecnico di Milano’s US network

Rector Donatella Sciuto is now part of the Board of FPM.US - Fellows of Politecnico di Milano USA, the Politecnico di Milano Foundation in the USA.

Established in 2021, FPM.US aims to promote overseas the vision of Politecnico, which merges scientific and technological innovation with human-centric design and creativity, respecting values such as sustainability, diversity and equity.
The Board includes industry and academia professional leaders who are building cultural alliances and partnerships between Italy and the US.

Rector commented:

Building strong alliances across borders. Operating as a European leading university going global. Strengthening the bond between academia and industry. These are our priorities. FPM.US can be instrumental in supporting our mission. Our Alumni are our ambassadors and partners, proud to be part of Politecnico di Milano’s community, as I am myself.