Launch of the new European doctoral network GreenDigiPharma

A group of PhDs to lead the green transformation of the pharmaceutical industry

Forming a group of European PhD students specialized in the development of sustainable production methods for the pharmaceutical sector - this is the goal of GreenDigiPharma (“Green and digital continuous-flow pharmaceutical manufacturing”), the new “doctoral network” financed by the European Commission within the Marie Skłodowska-Curie programme, and coordinated by prof. Gianvito Vilé, researcher at the “Giulio Natta” Department of Chemistry, Materials and Chemical Engineering of the Politecnico di Milano.

Therefore, the purpose of GreenDigiPharma is to create a group of highly qualified PhDs that will operate in the academic as well as in the industrial world to introduce new skills, fundamental to guide the green and digital transformation of pharmaceutical production

GreenDigiPharma will train the leaders of tomorrow in the pharmaceutical industry, who will propose innovative solutions able to simultaneously increase the productivity of this sector, improve its competitiveness and reduce its environmental impact.

- Professor Gianfranco Vilé, coordinator of GreenDigiPharma 

In addition to the Politecnico di Milano, the project involves 9 other European universities, 8 industrial partners and a research body.

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