Politecnico in Mombasa with a workshop on energy

Two researchers of ours with the Horizon Europe IAM COMPACT project

Francesco Tonini and Lorenzo Rinaldi, researchers from the Department of Energy at the SESAM Group (Sustainable Energy System Analysis and Modeling) held last week a workshop in Mombasa, Kenya, as part of the Horizon Europe IAM COMPACT project.

Researchers from the Politecnico di Milano shared their advanced knowledge in modelling and energy strategies with participants, emphasizing the importance of developing sustainable solutions to address energy and climate challenges in Africa.

The IAM COMPACT project, funded by the European Union, aims to support the assessment of global climate goals, promoting international collaboration and sharing crucial knowledge. In this context, the workshop focused on sharing insights and offering practical experiences related to integrated planning in the energy, economic, food, and water supply sectors, as well as examining the connections between resource systems and economic sectors.

The event was hosted by the Technical University of Mombasa (TUM) at the RECCReC centre, with the valuable contributions of Politecnico di Milano, KTH Royal Institute of Technology (Sweden), National Technical University of Athens (Greece), and other consortium partners. This international collaboration allowed participants to access a wide range of experiences and expertise in sustainability and climate change.

Thanks to this initiative, the IAM COMPACT project has taken a significant step toward achieving its sustainability and international collaboration goals, demonstrating the commitment of the Politecnico di Milano and its European partners.