Air Liquide Scientific Challenge prize goes to Enrico Tronconi

The award was obtained for a hydrogen production decarbonisation project

Enrico Tronconi, professor at the Department of Energy of Politecnico di Milano, is among the winners of the third edition of the Scientific Challenge organised by Air Liquide to foster the development of innovative solutions for the decarbonisation of industrial ecosystems: the company selected the best three from the 119 proposals received this year from 29 countries.

Prof. Tronconi was the winner in the 'Electric Heating for Hydrogen (H2) Production’ category.
One possible way to decarbonise hydrogen production involves electrifying the heat generation required for the methane steam reforming reaction, using electricity from renewable sources. However, reaching the 800°C reaction temperature using electricity is challenging. Prof Tronconi's proposal consists of a new technological solution using resistive heating of structured catalysts. This solution helps reduce the energy consumption and CO2 emissions required for producing hydrogen.

As a winner of the prize, Prof Tronconi obtained funding from Air Liquide and a three-year collaboration with the company's experts, which will enable him to develop his proposal and turn it into a market-ready technology.

Cover image: © Air Liquide-Mourad Mokrani