A group from the Politecnico participates to the exercise “Mare Aperto”

They took part in lectures and training activities for four weeks

Last October, a group of students (Adriana Campanella, Pierfilippo Mancini and Maddalena Rossi) and PhD candidates (Luca Abergo and Pierre Garbo) from the Politecnico di Milano took part - together with Alberto Guardone, a professor from the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology - in the exercise Mare Aperto 22-2. Mare Aperto is the Italian Navy's major training event and it also involved 50 students from various Italian universities, in addition to military personnel embarked on naval units from five NATO nations.

After a week of shore-based lessons, led by lecturers from the Centre for Geopolitics and Maritime Strategy, the Politecnico group embarked on the aircraft carrier Cavour, taking part in training activities for four weeks, cruising in the Gulf of Taranto, off the Sardinian and Lazio coasts.