Gender equality

Strategic programme

Gender equality is one of the objectives of the strategic programme of the Politecnico di Milano called Polytechnic Equal Opportunities (POP), with the “Gender POP” line of action, which develops the following initiatives.

Childcare facilities

Politecnico manages a crèche at the Leonardo Campus and a micro-crèche at the Bovisa Campus (10 children aged 6 to 36 months), with additional agreements with private facilities.

Maternity and Paternity Policies

Politecnico offers financial support for Associate Professors and Untenured Researchers when resuming their professional activity after maternity: fees for Polimi crèches are covered for students, PhD students and research assistants who become mothers; Polimi manages the "Parents at the Poli" project for all parents.


The initiative aims to steer female students towards STEM subjects, and in particular towards courses at the Politecnico with a low female participation. The orientation project is dedicated to female high school students and involves the creation of a new narrative of certain degree courses that are still characterised by a high level of gender 'segregation'.

Scholarships Girls@Polimi

This new scholarship programme, funded by the Politecnico di Milano and co-funded by private companies, is designed for female students who enrol in engineering courses.

Examples of teaching activities

Assessing Cognitive Biases and Affective States through Data Analytics

The module aims at presenting the multifaceted topic of cognitive biases assessment. The course aims at presenting an integrated vision of this challenging research with a multi-disciplinary teachers’ pool that is able to provide insights on the different aspects. Specifically, the course presents the concept of unconscious biases and stereotypes, with particular reference to gender issues, offering their linguistic analysis and analysing their effects and impact in different business and societal contexts. Then, the propagation of these biases in the technological setting is also discussed, together with highlights on how technology can help mitigating such biases.

Examples of research activities


The Politecnico di Milano is a partner of FOSTWOM: Fostering Women to STEM MOOCs, an Erasmus+ project that harnesses the potential of MOOCs to bring STEM subjects to girls without gender bias and prejudice, with the ultimate aim of increasing the number of female students in technical and scientific subjects.