Double degree projects

As part of its international activities, Politecnico di Milano has signed a number of bilateral agreements with some European and non-European partners, to give its students the opportunity to spend a period of study abroad, attending courses aimed at achieving a double degree (Master of Science degree, plus a foreign qualification).

The number of places is limited and therefore these projects are aimed at highly motivated students with high average scores.


Students of Politecnico di Milano Schools of Engineering, Architecture and Design have the rare opportunity to participate in a double degree programme. The double degree programme offers students the opportunity to extend their studies, replacing one year at the university of origin with two years at a partner university. Students who, having passed all the exams set during the two years by the partner university, return to Politecnico di Milano and graduate, are also awarded the qualification of the foreign university, corresponding to a Master's degree.

During this period abroad, students have the opportunity to follow courses that are not offered by their university of origin. It is these differences, rather than the similarities, that constitute the greatest advantages of the double degree programme, as they provide a profound understanding of the mentality and culture of the hosting country.

In order to obtain the two degrees, students must meet all the requirements of both locations. In particular, they must generally spend two years abroad, achieving a total of 120 ECTS, of which a maximum of 60 ECTS will count towards the remaining credits to be obtained at Politecnico di Milano. Students must also write a thesis under the supervision of a professor of Politecnico and one of the partner university and present said thesis at regular degree exam sessions at both universities.

Students must define their Study Plan with their tutors and have it approved by the Degree Council and the partner university before leaving. The preparation, approval and recognition of all training activity conducted abroad occurs through the ECTS system.

Benefits and incentives

Students participating in a double degree project continue, during their stay abroad, to regularly pay their fees exclusively at the Politecnico di Milano. Students can still be entitled to the benefits for merit and/or income reasons. In the event that the project entails enrollment in a further academic year than the normal duration of the degree or master's degree course, students will be exempt from university fees. Students are not required to apply to the exemption since the double degree waiver is granted ex officio, only once in their university career.

Students participating in the programme in a university of the European Union will be considered equal, in their first year of double degree, to mobility students enrolled in the Erasmus+ programme. They will be expected to comply with the rules of the programme. Students who receive a DSU scholarship (Diritto allo Studio, or Right to Education), can not only continue to avail of the same benefits, but may also apply for an integration of the scholarship due to international mobility. 

Students participating in the programme in a university of other non-EU Countries and students in second year of double degree in a university of EU may be granted a scholarship paid in monthly instalments depending on the availability of resources allocated by Politecnico di Milano. The criteria for dividing the funds are established annually by the Board of Directors.