It is active the Double Degree project between Politecnico di Milano - School of Industrial and Information Engineering - and the Tongji University - School of Economics & Management (SEM). This project allows Italian students, regularly enrolled to the first year of Management Engineering Laurea Magistrale (equivalent to Master of Science), to apply for the selection in order to obtain the double degree of Master Degree Programme in economics and management areas. All the courses will be delivered in English.


  • First Year (Politecnico di Milano): studens will attend first year courses at Politecnico di Milano, obtaining the relative programme course credits
  • Second Year (Tongji-SEM): during the second year, the selected students will study at Tongji-SEM University, obtaining the relative programme course credits
  • Additional Semester (Politecnico di Milano): once returned, in order to complete and carry out the thesis project, it's mandatory another semester at Politecnico di Milano. At the end of this path, students will receive the Double Degree in Management Engineering (equivalent to Master of Science) at Politecnico di Milano and Master of Management Science at Tongji-SEM University.


Students will have to write and present their final thesis in English and in both Universities.


Together with the request you will have to present two documents:

  • motivation letter
  • curriculum vitae

Requirements for the Tongji University

At the end of the first year, students pre-selected in March, in order to definitively be admitted to the Tongji University, will have to fullfill these two conditions:

  • obtain 60 credits of the first year of the MSc in Management Engineering
  • havea minimum average grade of26/30


For further information, contact the Studesk Double Degrees Leonardo Campus.