Support and listening services


If you need assistance during your Study Programme, our Schools place the Tutoring service at your disposal. Some Professors and student tutors are available to you if you need some pointers on organising your studies, on teaching and on the way exams are run, or if you have to overcome some basic shortcomings to be able to proceed further with your educational program.

Students with disabilities

If you are a student with disabilities, Politecnico di Milano hosts a Service capable of providing you with orientation and support and supplying you with all the information you need to: undergo admission tests, initiate procedures at the secretary’s office, accessibility of University life, support services, equipment and e-learning.

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PoliPSI is the Counselling and Psychological and Psychotherapeutic Support Service for students and PhD students at the Politecnico di Milano. The service offers a place to confront problems and to receive support when going through periods of distress, of uncertainty or of difficulty related to your studies or to personal events.

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Equal opportunity

The Politecnico di Milano cares for the psychophysical well-being of female and male students who have started a documented gender transition, as specified by the dedicated regulation.

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