ICT Services

Bring your laptop to Campus

Your laptop is an essential tool and it is often crucial for participating in academic work. It is also very useful to your individual study inside the campus.  Find out how to use your laptop:

Laptop use for classroom activities

Many Politecnico programmes require students to use a personal laptop. From your laptop, log on to the Virtual Desktop platform, where you will find the specific software applications you need for your academic work. To use the service: connect your laptop to any of the network points available in the classroom using your own cable (the desks are equipped with an Ethernet port, but no cable); configure Advanced Wired Access to the network (Virtual Desktop is not accessible from the Wi-Fi network); follow the instructions in the Virtual Desktop website to configure the connection software.

Laptop use for individual study

The Politecnico di Milano also offers an extensive network infrastructure and a wide range of software to support students' individual study inside the campus. For additional details:

Access to the network

To connect to the University network - Wi-fi / Wired:

Software download

Download software packages made available by the University:
Software Download

Mail Service

To access your mailbox through webmail or to set an email application on any device:


On line storage space provided by Microsoft OneDrive for Business, a platform for personal storage and sharing:

Virtual Desktop

Platform that makes available some specific applications requested for teaching activities (exercises, laboratories, etc.):


List of native apps developed by Politecnico:
Politecnico di Milano Mobile Apps

Search for Classrooms

Search for Classrooms by location, code and/or other characteristics:
Search classrooms


Platform for unified communications (online meetings, instant messaging, audio and video calls):

University Proxy

To access electronic bibliographic resources (e-books, databases e e-journals) from outside the University network: