Mobility outside the EU

In order to promote international mobility, Politecnico di Milano has established and continues to promote several student exchange agreements with Institutes from countries outside the European Union.

Call and application

All students who apply for a mobility outside the EU must:

  1. Carefully read the call
  2. Consult the list of destinations recommended for your programme: select the International context section of the relevant Degree Programme (in Italian called “Manifesto degli studi”)
  3. Consult the websites of the partner institutions that interest you and verify particularly their academic offer
  4. Consult the Education Regulations of your Degree Programme in order to know any additional limitations to mobility
  5. Fill out the application form on Online Services

Agreements for Mobility outside the EU

For information about agreements, professors may contact the International Projects Service:
tel 02 2399 9735
fax 02 2399 9768

Further info