Created in 1996, Athens network (Advanced Technology Higher Education Network/SOCRATES) is made up of 14 prestigious technical European universities. Initially funded thanks to the European Community Socrates Programme, its mission is to facilitate the exchange of students, of professors, of researchers within the network and to encourage integration, cooperation and the creation of innovative projects for the technological development of Europe. 

Programme: description and aims

Hundreds of workshops organized in 14 different European universities. A team of professors proposing innovative projects about engineering, design and architecture. A week-end of activities to know the culture of the hosting country. These are the main ingredients of the Athens week, the programme developed by the Athens network, that takes place twice per year - in March and in November – at partner Institutions in the same time. A week of intensive courses offered by the universities on technic-scientific or economic-managerial topics dedicated to those students who want to have an international experience and to know a different didactical and technological approach. All students from all Politecnico di Milano Schools can apply to the programme following the instructions of the Athens call for proposal.


The ATHENS programme organises two sessions a year (in November and in March) and the courses offered can vary from one session to another. Each session includes: an intensive 30-hours scientific course on a specific topic chosen by the candidate from among the ones offered; 10-15 hours of participation in the cultural "European Dimension" activities organised by the partner universities and forming an integral part of the session.

The courses may be attended by students from the ATHENS partner universities and also, where possible, by local students. Each course is funded by the host university. Travel, accommodation and living expenses are borne exclusively by the students. The hosting universities will undertake to find low-budget accommodation for the students whenever this is specified in the application form. All the information relating to the costs, as well as the course catalogue, may be found at

It is possible to ask for each course credits recognition upon School rules. For more information please write to

Application procedure

To participate in the programme please follow the rules indicated in the announcement.

Main Steps - Connect to website and register as a user:

  1. fill in the Registration Form, specifying at most 6 preferences
  2. print the application form and the Student Commitment
  3. register on POLIMI website through the Online Services tool (Applications forms > Selection procedures) and upload Application Form and Student Commitment duly signed (please note it is not necessary to fill in the “bank data” section) 

PLEASE NOTE: only those applications that have been completed in both systems will be considered.

Selection process

Applicants will go through two selection processes:

1st phase - Students will be pre-selected by Politecnico di Milano based on the academic results achieved and on the compatibility of the preferences specified in the application. A list of preselected students will be published.

2nd phase - Preselected students will be evaluated by a committee of ParisTech* representatives in Paris – * e.g. the consortium of French Universities coordinating the programme. Politecnico di Milano has no influence over this second phase of selection.

Candidates will receive an email informing them of the outcome of the selection and, in case they are selected, will be provided some basic information on the programme, at the email address specified in the application form. The detailed programme for each location will be published on the website about 10 days before the session begins.

Participation is mandatory for all selected students. In the event of cancellation, the partner university will require the student to cover the agreed costs (accommodation and European Dimension Activities), as for the Student Commitment Form. For this reason, we do recommend foreign students to arrange valid residence permit well in advance in order to take part in the programme.


The call for the Athens Programme for the session from 14th to 22nd March 2020 is closed.

Selected students


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Receiving time: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
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