International internships

The Careers Service offers services and initiatives to allow students to experience internships overseas:

There is no guarantee that the organisation offering these experiences will pay you for them, because regulations vary from country to country. If you need student funding to do the internship abroad, remember that:

  • every year in May the Erasmus+ for Traineeship call is published, offering the opportunity to do a traineeship in Europe with European Community funding
  • between November and January you can apply for the Vulcanus Programme, offering the opportunity to do a paid internship for one year in Japan

Before starting an internship experience abroad, remember:

  • that at least 15 days before leaving there must be a contract (often called an Internship Agreement/Document or Convention du Stage) between you and the organisation (read about the procedure)
  • that you may need a visa (check with the organisation what kind of visa you need to request)
  • that in some countries only internships which are a compulsory part of your study programme are allowed (more information)