Smart robots

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Smart Robots designs and sells a device which integrates a 3D vision sensor with artificial intelligence algorithm, with the goal of creating real collaborative robotic stations, where humans and robots cooperate inuitively and efficiently.

One of the solutions to the current manufacturing challenges, which require to combine high quality standards and process flexibility, lies on the seamless integration of robots and human workers as real co-workers. 


The product is an hardware/software device that can be easily deployed close to a robot station and connected to any robotic controller, in a plug&play fashion, featuring 3D vision capabilities, AI layers and advanced process scheduling. The device recognizes and predicts human actions, avoids human-robot collision, recognizes objects position, enables the control of the robot through gestures, and schedules robot tasks depending on human position and actions.

The device is marketed as a stand-alone off-the-shelf, relatively low-cost, product, that customers will easily integrate in their application, thanks to its intutitive interface and configuration.

Target market

Industrial Market, Manufacturing, Collaborative Robots, Service and Professional Robots.