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Architecture and planning


Planning and design mainly in the context of infrastructures for slow and sustainable mobility. Research and development activities aimed at the production and marketing of innovative products and services with high technological value in relation to the aforementioned activity.


Planning and technical design mainly in the context of slow mobility infrastructures (cycle paths and paths) and complementary services; accompanying projects in the implementation phases; accompaniment in the management of infrastructures and services for slow mobility, also through the use of innovative applications; implementation of territorial promotion strategies through communication initiatives; development of new and innovative applications to support the planning, design, management and communication / promotion of the infrastructures for slow mobility.


It is mainly made up of public bodies (ministries, regions, provinces, parks, agencies, GAL, mountain communities, river bodies, consortia, ...) that need support in building a strategic vision on project based on slow mobility infrastructures. This constitutes the prevailing market, but not the only one: both the planning and design services and the applications supporting the design and management of slow mobility infrastructures will have as customers both private companies and professionals. Furthermore, in the case of the development of communication platforms / promotion of infrastructures for slow mobility, the end user of the service may be the traveler / hiker.