Nautilus - Navigation in Space

Incorporation year



  • Mission analysis and definition
    • Assess the expected performances of the trajectory reconstruction
    • Support to link budget definition (SNR affects radiometric noise)
    • Support to CONOPS definition (tracking periods, maneuver execution)
  • Operations
    • Perform quasi real time Orbit Determination
    • Propagate the estimated trajectory, along with associated uncertainty
    • Assess the need of a trajectory correction maneuver
    • Design and optimize trajectory correction maneuver
    • Provide support and solutions for GNC algorithms design
  • After end of mission
    • Perform the a posteriori trajectory reconstruction


Nautilus is the first european private company able to supply mission analysis and Flight Dynamics (Orbit determination and Orbit Control) full package services for deep space mission realized with Cubesasts. Thanks to the decades of experience of the Nautilus team, we are able to deliver low-cost navigation services both for scientific and commercial deep space missions to enlight the future of space exploration.


Space Exploration - In-situ Resource Utilization