Year of incorporation



Modelling and Scientific Computing


MOXOFF develops innovative mathematical solutions in the fields of engineering, life sciences and social sciences; MOXOFF designs and vertically integrates models and algorithms for the simulation, the optimisation, the control, the diagnosis and the forecasting of physical applications and phenomena; it manages the engineering and the evolutionary maintenance of software to exploit numerical and statistical models and algorithms in the industrial field.

Products and services

Engineered software modules that implement the basic products (models and algorithms for simulation and optimisation of physical or process phenomena) developed by the MOX laboratory of the Department of Mathematics, making them easier to use in the industrial field. The modules can be developed starting from in-house software platforms or be integrated in third party software libraries (commercial or otherwise). It also carries out evolutionary maintenance of these modules to implement new, more efficient models or algorithms or changes to the workplace, feasibility analyses, scouting and scientific/mathematical analyses, development of new models and algorithms, experimental calibration and validation of numerical models, training

Target market

Energy, Utilities, Finance, Biomedical, Textiles, Infrastructures, Nautical, Automotive, TLC, ICT, etc.