Holonix S.r.l.

Year of incorporation



Product Lifecycle Management


Holonix S.r.l. originates from the research carried out by the founding shareholders in the Department of Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering within the scope of topics related to Product Lifecycle Management (PLM). The company provides advanced integrated solutions for management of the product, its life cycle and its related services. The company has also developed tools for technology transfer that can help its customers exploit the possibilities offered by the extended product and by life cycle management as well as optimise their product-related processes.

Products and services

  • In.Trac (Interactive Traceability): traceability and anti-counterfeiting suite providing advanced knowledge and interaction in “Beginning of Life” (design, production and logistics) and “Middle of Life” (use by the customer) phases, providing high knowledge of the production phases and the entire logistics, also providing improved company-consumer interaction;
  • BOLINA (BOat LIfecycle maNAgement): suite designed for the marine industry in order to fully manage the life cycle of the boat, supporting the manufacturer, the service provider and the owner;
  • MMM (Milling Machines Maintenance): this suite, defined based on the specifications from a project business case, is designed to allow manufacturers of machine tools to better manage their machine fleet installed at customer sites, providing additional services such as predictive and scheduled maintenance, in order to minimise impact on the production of the same and optimise costs;
  • ProDesT (Product Design Toolbox): this suite is designed to support designers in the management and design of high value and long life cycle products (e.g. trains, aeroplanes).

Target market

  • Complex logistics and/or production
  • Precision machine tools
  • Nautical
  • Automotive, Difesa