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Financial and banking cyber-security


BCode is a software development company active in the blockchain sector, with the aim of offering a suite of easy-to-use solutions that allow companies to capitalize the advantages of blockchain technology. BCode is the right partner to develop and customize blockchain projects and to make business transparent, certified and decentralized.

Products and Services

BCode mainly offers two solutions that allow companies to capitalize the advantages of blockchain technology: the Pablock suite and the Delfi project (operating in blockchain’s oracle ecosystem). The Pablock suite includes different products and solutions, thanks to which professionals and companies can approach the use of blockchain precisely where this technology offers the main competitive advantages and the most innovative solutions compared to current market proposals. In particular, Pablock solutions offer to companies to:

  • notarize files and documents
  • certify its production processes
  • offer token bookings for services and time slots
  • manage crowdfunding operations through the provision of utility tokens
  • carry out loyalty operations and commercial promotions through token economy dynamics
  • associate real objects with tokens that represent their value, certify their possession and allow their digital transfer
  • program digital assets, to guarantee the creation or transfer of tokens upon the occurrence of the conditions expressed in the related Smart Contracts

In addition to the suite of products based on blockchain technology, BCode proposes the "Delfi Project". Delfi’s project goal is to notarise data from web pages on blockchain, in a completely decentralized way, so that it is usable in a certified way within Smart Contract. This solution enters the market in the oracles segment, challenging the current solutions that maintain some peculiarities of centralized systems and placing itself as a guarantee of the system in some automation processes.

Target Market

Our customers operate in very transversal sectors: retail, e-commerce, manufacturing companies, auditing firms, large-scale distribution, automotive.