Year of incorporation



ICT / Blockchain solutions


Bcode is a software development company active in Web3 environment that offers blockchain solutions that enable enterprises and users to leverage this technology for practical applications such as the association between physical and digital assets, the transfer of digital assets between companies and users or between users, and the certification of data.

Products and Services

Bcode's offering consists of two complementary products:

  1. a software that allows companies to create web3 projects (notarize data; create and manage web3 tokens and digital assets; create and manage Digital Product Passports), without using cryptocurrencies and without writing code;
  2. a wallet (the account that is used to access the Web3) that offers simplified access to users and allows them to receive crypto-assets created by companies, without the need to own and use cryptocurrencies eliminating technical and financial complexities (Bcode Walletplace, app available on the iOS and Android Stores).

The products developed by Bcode meet the legislative decrees, both national and European, for the regulation of the sector: the Simplification Decree, the Fintech Decree, the MiCA Regulation and the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Regulation.

Target Market

Production companies that market products in the EU; automotive sector; luxury sector; data certification and document storage management; marketing services.