NERO: Enclosed cover/transport system for city bikes

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Italian Patent Application process


Politecnico di Milano


Department of Design


Andreoni Giuseppe, Perego Paolo, Bertarelli Chiara, Standoli Carlo, Balacco Riccardo, Palmieri Lorenzo


Nero is a rotating cover system for bicycles that functions in an identical manner to central stands on scooters. The objective is to facilitate city travel by eliminating the problems inherent in storing bicycles outside (theft, vandalism, lack of bike racks, etc.), allowing users to take the bike with them inside their home/workplace.

The solution is a wheel cover system for city bikes when moving and a bike transport system when storing bikes indoors. Nero is a wheel cover system for city bikes (or bikes with 26"-28" wheels) that is attached to the wheel hub (on the opposite side of the chain), allowing for the counter-clockwise rotation of the covers, (front and rear). This enables the bike to be transported indoors without dirtying the environment, thanks to small wheels that are incorporated in the cover (1 at the front to allow for a maximum maneuvering radius, and 2 at the rear for better stability). A stand is integrated in the rear mudguard to allow for the bike’s storage without touching any shelves/walls/furniture. While pedaling, the two covers are held in place by a preloaded spring in the hub attachment system and by hooks mounted under the fork end (front) and under the brakes (rear fork end).

Campo di applicazione

<p> <ul> <li> Bike accessories; </li> <li> Competitors are mainly indirect (cover systems, bike racks/stands & safety systems). The market currently offers no such solutions. The covers that are available are made of stretch fabric, which is unhygienic and impractical, whereas security systems, although reliable, do not guarantee protection against vandalism. </li> </ul> </p>


<p> <ul> <li> Helps avoid theft, vandalism, or having to lock up bikes on dustbins; </li> <li> Simplicity and low installation costs (the product is completely analogue, with no added tech or electronic support systems); </li> <li> Its positioning allows for the product to enter an untapped market segment. </li> </ul> </p>

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