Sensorised and interactive Pull-Up training tool

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Italian Patent Application process


Politecnico di Milano


Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering


Alessandro Colombo, Ramon Maj


The invention consists in a training apparatus, which may be attached to a wall or a fixed structure. It consists of a Training Beam (TB) equipped with grips or handles of different shapes, to which the athlete can hold himself up with his fingers and hands, so that his body hangs down, touching either the ground or the front wall.

The TB, in order to function as a “guide”, can be fixed to the wall using different mechanical solutions. All the solutions allow for a small movement of the TB along the vertical axis with regards to the wall, limiting the movement in the other directions almost completely. The force applied by the athlete to the TB along the vertical axis is then measured by one or more force sensors. Force Sensors (FS) continuously measure the force applied by the athlete to the TB, including during periods of release. Force sensors can either be integrated into the guidance system, or be located externally. The measured data is then sent in real time, via a wired or wireless connection, to a receiver (a smartphone, a PC or any programmable electronic counter with storage and a display of the recorded and processed data), where it is interpreted by a software that uses it to record, monitor and evaluate the quality of the exercise, “guiding” the athlete towards the correct execution of the exercise.

Campo di applicazione

<p> <ul> <li> It can be built for a single measurement that records the total force or the force applied by each arm/muscle/shoulder/back; </li> <li> The measurement can simply be stored for post-processing and/or used to provide real-time training measurements (instantaneous force, maximum force during suspension time, timing of load/unload period, integral force over time). </li> </ul> </p>


<p> <ul> <li> It measures the force applied on the TB, whereas the solutions currently on the market allow either to measure the presence of the athlete (ON/OFF, ZLAGBOARD) or they allow to measure how much force the athlete takes away from the floor scale (ENTRALPI) and this does not allow for the evaluation of the concentric phase of the exercise nor does it distinguish left and right side for a total functional evaluation. </li> </ul> </p>

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