Tao: Sex toys control kit

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Italian Utility Model Application process


Politecnico di Milano


Department of Design


Venere Ferraro, Marco Denni, Stefano Parisi


The Tao system consists of a set of adhesive patches (tags), two controllers, two sex toys, that differ according to the sex and preferences of the user. The adhesive tags are placed on the body’s erogenous zones, which is then mapped by the controllers during intercourse. Depending on which parts of the body are touched, the sex toys vibrate more or less intensely. The controllers have been ergonomically designed to be used in a variety of ways, including as a wearable if necessary.

The system is based on the recognition of the preferred erogenous zones of the body and subsequently modulating the vibration of the Sex Toys after touching these zones. The body zones are mapped through adhesive patches (tags) divided into more or less arousing zones according to the reference colour of the tag, whereby the patches are attached to the body before intercourse. They contain a layer of conductive ink that acts as a passive low-frequency RFID antenna. Controllers, with an RFID reader inside, are used during intercourse to map the location of the tags. The controllers communicate with the sex toys, either a male vibrating ring or a female external clitoral stimulator, through Bluetooth technology. The controllers are designed to allow the user to use them in any way, including as a wearable if necessary.

Campo di applicazione

<p> <ul> <li> The industrial applications for the invention are in the area of intimate sexual well-being; </li> <li> The kit is designed to be used as a support for intimate sexual acts either of a couple or for self-use by single or multiple people. </li> </ul> </p>


<p> <ul> <li> The system encourages intimate communication with your partner in order to obtain a deeper understanding of your sexual pleasure; </li> <li> The system encourages exploration pf the body with all the physical and psychological benefits that come with it; </li> <li> The system returns the user to the real dimension of sexual acts, going against the trends of digitisation and virtualisation of interactions with sex toys; </li> <li> The controller has been designed to be used in any way the user wants, including wearable technology; </li> </ul> </p>

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