Adversarial Knitted Textile

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Politecnico di Milano


Department of Design


Rachele Didero; Giovanni Maria Conti


The invention concerns a method for making an adversarial Jacquard, which confuses the systems of Facial recognition. The method of the invention includes the steps of: - Prepare an electronic unit to process digital images; - Prepare a programmable Y-yarn Jacquard knitting machine; - Acquire a known digital adversarial image; - Reduce the image so that the aspect ratio is maintained, the larger size is reduced to P pixels (P ≤ 750) and the smaller size is reduced to p pixels (p ≥ 100); - Change the size of the image in order to halve the height and maintain the width; - Posterize the adversarial image by reducing the colors to C (4 ≤ C ≤ Y); - Generate work instructions for the machine, in which: • each color of the image corresponds to a respective yarn; and • each pixel of the image corresponds to a jersey stitch; - Select C threads to approximate the colors of the posterized image; - Feed the C wires to the machine; and - Operate the machine to make a knitted fabric that reproduces the image.

Campo di applicazione

- Knitwear - Textile industry - Clothing industry - Software used in industrial knitwear


The adversarial images, known per se, are complex images, characterized by high definition and a large number of colors. Nowadays, these images, due to their complexity, can only be made in print, a technique that implies some important limitations from the point of view of use in the textile sector and the production of clothing. Therefore, it’s felt the need to be able to create adversarial images using different techniques, more versatile from the point of view of use in the textile sector and the production of clothing. The aim of the present invention is to overcome the drawbacks of the known art. In particular, a task of the present invention is to make available a method for making a knitwear fabric that reproduces an effective adversarial image. Advantageously, the characteristics defined in the method in accordance with the invention for the adversarial image allow it to maintain its effectiveness even when reproduced on a Jacquard knitted fabric.

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