Method and system for transporting multiple signals over optical modes

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Politecnico di Milano


Department of Electronics, Information and Bioengineering


Marco Santambrogio, Donatella Sciuto, Alessandro Frossi, Luca Paccani, Niccolò Consolazio, Alessandro Antonio Nacci, Andrea Cirigliano


BlueSentinel is an indoor localization system by smartphone, which consists in an integrated framework with mobile apps and a multilevel network. The Multilevel network is based in Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) beacon sensors located inside a building. The code, inside an app, is able to use the Operating System (OS) functions to reveal the beacons. It is possible to run the code when the device is in the BLE sensor range. This feature gives the availability to save the battery energy since the code is activated only when necessary and without the need of a user interaction.

Campo di applicazione

The possible application, provided from BlueSentinel, refers to the localization of people and objects inside a defined area: - Exhibition: it will be possible to track and analyze the flux of people inside an exhibition space - Malls: there would be a direct increase of the download and the use of any existing app for the consumers of the mall, due to the detailed information on the profiling geo-localized that can be acquired - Municipality: it would be able to know the flux of people inside any public building - Logistics services for public buildings and vehicles.


The solution propose by BlueSentinel, permits to overcome the constraints, imposed from the different OS mobile systems (iOS and Android), like the background execution of the apps and the employment of 20 region maximum for device. Furthermore, it is not necessary any interaction from the user to start the tracking process. BlueSentinel is also more efficient from an energy point of view, since it is activated only when it is strictly necessary, this permits to minimize the battery consumption.