Mag Shell: intraocular drug-releasing device

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International Patent application (PCT)


Politecnico di Milano


Department of Chemistry Materials and Chemical Engineering


Federica Boschetti, Marco Ferroni, Matteo Giuseppe Cereda


The invention consists in a biodegradable device injectable in the ocular posterior chamber of the eye for the treatment of chronical retinal diseases (e.g. maculopathy). These pathologies are currently treated with monthly intravitreal drug injections. The Mag Shell is able to release specific drug doses at pre-set time intervals. A device containing different pre-loaded doses of drug is ideal for these treatments since it could avoid numerous injections, thus reducing the risk for infections and the stress for the patient. The device is composed of layers of biodegradable materials (shells) alternated to layers of drug. The shells are made of magnesium or its alloys. Magnesium is a material characterized by a low corrosion resistance in biological fluids and biocompatible degradation products. The corrosion of the first layer of magnesium causes the release of the first dose of drug; once the drug is well distributed in the eye, a new layer of magnesium is eroded, with timing related to the requested therapy. In this way, the drug is released in doses at pre-set time intervals, replicating the optimal therapies, and not continuously like with the traditional drug-release methods.

Campo di applicazione

The device can be used in the ophthalmological field for the treatment of all those pathologies that are currently treated by several intravitreal injections of drugs (e.g. diabetic macular edema and macular exudative degeneration).


This device would release patients, families and caregivers from the obligation and the stress of monthly intravitreal injections. Moreover, repeated injections involve high risk of infections that is limited by this device, since just one injection would cover the therapeutic need for a long period, also reducing the costs for the National Health Service.

Stadio di sviluppo

The device was designed by numerical simulations and the interaction between magnesium and drugs and the degradation rate of pure magnesium and magnesium alloys are under evaluation.