Portable ionizer device

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Politecnico di Milano


Department of Design


Massimiliano Straccia


The product analyzed is a portable water ionizer device that can ionize water taken from environments outside the domestic one. The ionization process is started by an electronics inside the HDPE product base, which transfers electricity to four AISI 304 stainless steel electrodes (a pair with positive pole and a pair with negative one) thanks to a rechargeable battery 9V. The PCB consists of a "on" button connected to a 15 minute timer that allows to switch off automatically the product at the end of the cycle. A red LED will remain on during the cycle to allow the user to understand that the process is in progress; at the end a green LED will turn on for 20 seconds to indicate that the water has been treated and is ready to be used. The four electrodes are in contact with the water in the PP tank, which is assembled to the base by a bayonet system on which various O-rings are inserted for the hydraulic and mechanical seal of the parts. Inside the tank there is a ceramic cylinder (material data sheet attached) which will allow to divide the tank into two rooms, guaranteeing the ion exchange. The tank is enclosed by an HDPE shell on which another shell is secured by snap-fit, with a closing and opening holes function designed to fill the tank. By rotating, this body has the possibility to operate a three-way HDPE closure / opening system: the first with the holes all open to allow tank filling, the second with holes all closed to allow drinking, the third with only the open holes open to allow access to the room containing the acidic water and eventually expel it. At the center is a HDPE seat for the silicone nozzle, which it will be assembled to the body that closes the tank by means of a female fitting, allowing a filter additition. Finally, a PP cover is hinged to the body that closes the tank and is locked by a PP snap-fit always screwed on to the body. The product capacity is 750 ml of water, 500 ml of alkaline water and 250 ml of sour

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Sport and free time


Compared to ionizer, the device allows for a more compact product, adaptable to any environment. Through a miniaturization of the technology component, it has a little larger size than a common water bottle, which allows the user to drink ionized water outside the home environment or without connecting appliances to the water network. The product does not provide any connection to the power supply by cable (plug) and no connection to the water network. It is a water container that uses a 9V battery to achieve water with pH 9 (alkaline) and 6 (acid).