Mixing cartridge for faucets for the supply of cold, hot and mixed water

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Politecnico di Milano


Department of Design


Mattia Tisi


The aim of this patent is a faucet cartridge that allows to regulate both temperature and flow rate of the water of a kitchen faucet, with just one movement on the control rod. To start the water flow is necessary to start the rotate the rod from the initial position, starting to erogate only the cold water at the minimum flow rate. Continuing the rotation, the flow rate begin to increase, without changing temperature for about 30° of rotation. From this point, increasing the rotation means to start the erogation of hot water with the cold one, at opposite flow rate, starting with maximum flow rate of cold water and minimun of hot one, and then inverting the proportion, just to have all the shades of mixed water. At the end of this second part of the rotation, starts the erogation of the only hot water from the maximum flow rate, to the minimum one, but without the possibility of closing the water flow, that could be done only from the “cold part”.

Campo di applicazione

A faucet cartridge is a technical part, so each component of it is realized with different materials and processes to increase at maximum the efficiency. The external bodies are made in injection molded PP, with dimensions similar to the existing ones, so that these, as all the other polymeric parts are a sort of standard. The “internal disks” (that are made by molding engineering ceramic) that mix water and the “control rod” (made in billed brass) are specifically developed for this invention.


This technology allows to always start the erogation with cold water, avoiding waste of energy to bring water to the temperature in case of supply og hot water. For this reason it was developed as a technology specifically for the kitchen, based on personal studies. The hot water is not eliminated, is just placed in the bottom of the rotation and compared to the existing tech, in this one is possible to adjust the flow rate also for the hot water and also the possibility of interrupting the flow of water without a second lever and with a total rotation of 90°. A further advantage over the standard tech is that when the water flow is being stopped, the gradually reduction avoids the water hammer.