Life Sciences

LS1_8  Molecular biophysics (e.g. single-molecule approaches, bioenergetics, fluorescence)

LS2_12  Bioinformatics

LS2_13  Computational biology

LS2_14  Biostatistics

LS2_15  Systems biology

LS2_6  Genomics (e.g. comparative genomics, functional genomics)

LS2_9  Proteomics

LS3_12  Stem cell biology in development, tissue regeneration and ageing, and fundamental aspects of stem cell-based therapies

LS3_8  Cell differentiation, physiology and dynamics

LS4_4  Fundamental mechanisms underlying ageing

LS4_7  Fundamental mechanisms underlying cardiovascular diseases

LS5_2  Systems neuroscience and computational neuroscience (e.g. neural networks, neural modelling)

LS5_4  Sensation and perception (e.g. sensory systems, sensory processing, pain)

LS5_5  Neural bases of cognitive processes (e.g. memory, learning, attention)

LS5_6  Neural bases of behaviour (e.g. sleep, consciousness, addiction)

LS5_7  Neurological disorders (e.g. neurodegenerative diseases, seizures)

LS7_1  Imaging for medical diagnosis

LS7_10  Health services, health care research, medical ethics

LS7_3  Other medical technologies for diagnosis and monitoring of diseases

LS7_5  Applied gene and cell therapies, regenerative medicine

LS7_6  Radiation therapy

LS7_7  Analgesia and surgery

LS7_8  Epidemiology and public health

LS7_9  Environmental health, occupational medicine

LS8_1  Ecosystem and community ecology, macroecology

LS8_11  Marine biology and ecology

LS8_2  Biodiversity, conservation biology, conservation genetics

LS8_3  Population biology, population dynamics, population genetics

LS8_4  Evolutionary ecology

LS8_8  Coevolution, biological mechanisms and ecology of species interactions (e.g. symbiosis, parasitism, mutualism, food-webs)

LS9_1  Applied biotechnology (including transgenic organisms, applied genetics and genomics, biosensors, bioreactors, microbiology, bioactive compounds)

LS9_2  Applied bioengineering, synthetic biology, chemical biology, nanobiotechnology, metabolic engineering, protein and glyco-engineering, tissue engineering, biocatalysis, biomimetics

LS9_3  Applied animal sciences (including animal breeding, veterinary sciences, animal husbandry, animal welfare, aquaculture, fisheries, insect gene drive)

LS9_4  Applied plant sciences (including crop production, plant breeding, agroecology, forestry, soil biology)

LS9_5  Food sciences (including food technology, food safety, nutrition)

LS9_6  Biomass production and utilisation, biofuels

LS9_7  Environmental biotechnology (including bioremediation, biodegradation)