Research topics

In order to identify the competences inside the Departments, Politecnico di Milano uses the European Research Council (ERC)’s panels and their related keywords, that are worldwide recognized. The European Research Council supports frontier research, cross disciplinary proposals and pioneering ideas in new and emerging fields which introduce unconventional and innovative approaches. For the planning and operation of the evaluation of ERC grant proposals by panels, the following panel structure applies. There are 25 ERC panels to cover all fields of science, engineering and scholarship assigned to three research domains: Physical Sciences and Engineering (10 Panels, PE1–PE10), Life Sciences (9 Panels, LS1–LS9) and Social Sciences and Humanities (6 Panels, SH1–SH6). The panel names are accompanied by a list of ERC keywords indicating the fields of research covered by the respective ERC panels.

Politecnico di Milano’s unique competences cover 202 of 339 keywords ERC, divided as follows: 122 of 167 PE keywords; 35 of 101 LS Keywords; 45 of 71 SH keywords.