PROACTIVE - Protection of the Territory with Advanced ICT Infrastructure, Active Citizens and Social Networks

Subject: Environmental sustainability (safety of the territory; management of water resources)

The PROACTIVE project addresses 4 challenges.

The project's first challenge is to merge data with different format, origin, level of accuracy, temporal and spatial resolution and confidentiality in a semantic database. This database can be used to build predictive models for population presence and movement, in order to optimise territorial safety policies.

The project's second challenge is to build an intervention method and a service platform for PAs, which uses the enormous amount of contents produced in real time by users and by intelligent sensors connected to high capacity and to reliability networks. The aim is to create collective intelligence applications in the various sectors of safety. These applications will be quicker, cheaper, more effective and targeted.

The project's third challenge is the use of social networks to create a complete and bidirectional cycle of communication between PA and the public. This should include listening to the needs of users and collecting information from them, real time communication on territorial status and safety risks, promoting opportunities, knowledge of the region and sustainable behaviour. Attractive solutions (such as online games) will be used to achieve this.

The project's fourth challenge is to create and to test intelligent sensors that can be installed in hostile environments (e.g. underground water systems). These sensors, which must be reliable and have long energy independence, must be able to operate flexibly and take the opportunities offered by the latest-generation telecommunication networks (4G, Heterogeneous Network, Small Cells).