E-WASTE - the intelligent cycle

Subject: Environmental sustainability; Waste management

The aim of the "E-WASTE - the intelligent cycle" project is to strengthen and to optimise the entire electronic waste recycling system, in order to extract the rare earth elements and precious metals contained in e-waste through processes with low environmental impact. The pilot project is based on the renovation and conversion of the production capacities of existing facilities in the Lombardy region, through the formation of a network of small and middle-sized businesses that are typically found in the area around Milano. The idea is to avoid creating a centralised, new treatment facility because it would probably not be very flexible, it would require considerable investments and take a long time to build.

The strength of the project also lies in the transversal partnership that includes the involvement of two large companies (AMSA and STENA), a middle-sized business (Consorzio REMEDIA), three SMB (SEVAL, TECNOCHMIICA, GASER), two research organisations (Politecnico di Milano and Cefriel) and two public administrations (the Municipality of Milano and the Municipality of San Donato Milanese). The project was the winner of the Smart Cities and Communities call for tenders and it is co-funded by the Lombardy region.