Call Hub Research and Innovation

Call Hub Research and innovation is promoted by Regione Lombardia with the goal of financing strategic projects in industrial research and/or the experimental development of particular added value and relevance in terms of strengthening the competitive capacity and attractiveness of the territory.

Under the 2014–2020 Operational Programme cofinanced by the European Regional Development Fund, the Politecnico di Milano was the winner of two projects.   


The NEWMED project aims to develop new techniques based on photonics and nanotechnology for the diagnosis and treatment of cancer and heart conditions, and for abdominal surgery. The ultimate aim is to transfer the resulting technologies to the Lombardy system of companies to develop materials and devices to support precision medicine, both in surgery and when defining therapeutic treatments.

For more information, visit the project site here.


BASE5G aims to offer citizens advanced services that are increasingly automatic and easy to use. In the vision of the project, the environments themselves (home, car, public spaces, school, office, sports pitch, etc.) adapt to the end users ‘experiencing’ them at a certain moment to offer personalized services, possibly even modifying the physical space in which the user is immersed.

For more information, visit the project site here.