What is PoliHub?

PoliHub is the Innovation District & Startup Accelerator of Politecnico di Milano, managed by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano. The objective is to favour the growth of new deep tech startups which can develop products and services with high technological content and generate new opportunities for researchers, entrepreneurs, companies, and investors.

What PoliHub do

  • It supports the creation and development of deep tech startups through technological transformation, providing services for acceleration, access to funding, mentorship, and advice
  • It supports Italian and multinational companies in exploring new products, services, and business models through collaboration with startups at the Innovation District
  • It supports relationships between startups, companies, experts, institutions, and investors built on sharing resources and skills, with the objective of accelerating technological progress and creating economic and strategic benefits

What PoliHub offers

  • Access to capital – a structured process developed with the main national venture capital and business angel funds to bring risk capital to startups.
  • Consulting Days – consultation sessions with professionals in law, the fiscal & rating sector, commercial sales & development, marketing plans & business model, IP consulting, product & growth consulting, and strategy consulting.
  • Mentorship – access to a unique network of more than 100 PoliHub certified mentors that support startups in the construction and validation of their business models.
  • Advisory – assistance from one or more advisors to support the development of a strategy to grow and reach annual objectives.
  • Education – workshops on content and cutting-edge topics to investigate the state of the art in innovation, startups, growth strategies, and emerging technologies and applications.
  • Workspace and facilities – PoliHub offers areas for co-working, private offices, event rooms, meeting rooms, and break areas.
  • Community – a network of experts, startups, companies, institutions, and investors that interact during events, generating new business opportunities.

How to become part of PoliHub

  • If you have an innovative idea and you want to turn it into a business project, Switch2Product https://s2p.it/ (S2P) is a unique opportunity to join PoliHub and use our free incubation services. In collaboration with industrial partners and institutions, PoliHub also organizes some of the most important Italian and international Call4Ideas
  • If you have a startup, apply at any time at www.polihub.it or participate in the Call4Startups
  • If you have a company and want to work with PoliHub in Open Innovation projects, contact us at info@polihub.it


Via Giovanni Durando 38 - 39
20158 Milano