What is PoliHub?

PoliHub is the Startup District&Incubator of Politecnico di Milano. The ideal place in which you can get the most out of your ideas and turn them into an entrepreneurial project. The development possibilities are vast and include everything from hi-tech to design, gaming to social networks, mechanics to informatics security, medical devices to energy and just about everything in the middle.
Beyond startups! PoliHub is also about existing hitech companies. The goal? Sharing of expertise and providing access to the network of one of the best European technical universities in order to relaunch the new entrepreneurship.
PoliHub is managed by Fondazione Politecnico di Milano (Foundation), which promotes collaborative initiatives with companies and shareholders including the consortia of Politecnico di Milano: MIP, the Business School of Politecnico, leader in executive training and specific programmes designed to boost entrepreneurship; Cefriel, a centre of excellence for digital innovation; PoliDesign, one of the world’s leading design institutes. The different parties have come together to realize an innovation district in the Bovisa Campus of Politecnico, with the support of the City of Milano.

Who PoliHub is looking for

PoliHub addresses innovators driven by curiosity, ambition and courage to put to the test their capabilities and ideas.
It is for developers, for makers, for designers, for managers and for technology experts (electronics, mechanics, energy, medical device, robotics, telecommunication). It also addresses to entrepreneurs wanting to grow their business in a district and looking for synergies with new high-potential ideas, products and services under developed.
A selection committee will put your idea to the test, helping you to identify the weak points and to strengthen the winning features.

What PoliHub offers

  • Direct access to the entire network of Politecnico di Milano, the Foundation and the consortia (MIP, Cefriel and PoliDesign)
  • Empowerment program: PoliHub’s incubator program selects talented people, leverages their strengths and identifies weaknesses so as to create competitive and focused teams
  • Administrative, legal, communication & press services; ICT consulting and operational support; assistance in scouting funds to support innovation
  • Venture capital: you will become part of a structured process, set up in synergy with the leading Italian venture capital funds and business angel networks, to ensure your business gets the capital it needs
  • Advisors: you will have direct contact with Politecnico professors and researchers, managers, entrepreneurs and experts in relevant sectors and they will help to accelerate the growth of your company
  • Space in the new premises at Via Durando 39 and at Via Durando 38 A
  • Schedule of events

How to become part of PoliHub

  • Regardless of how advanced your idea, project or company is, your application is welcome at any time. Simply go to www.polihub.it and click on "Apply for PoliHub"
  • If you have an innovative idea and want to turn it into a successful product, Switch2Product (S2P) is the tailor-made route for you. It is a unique opportunity to become part of PoliHub and to gain free access to the incubation services
  • Call4Ideas: PoliHub cooperates with its industrial and institutional partners to organise relevant competitions and calls for ideas both in Italy and internationally


Via Giovanni Durando 38/A - 39, 20158 Milano
ph. +39.02.2399.2991