Materials Testing Laboratory (LPM)

Experimental Activities

The Materials Testing Laboratory (LPM) of Politecnico di Milano is a facility for experimenting on materials and structures for research and educational purposes and for third parties.

The LPM is set up with testing equipment and measurement tools use to carry out mechanical tests with applied forces between 0.01 and 5,000 kN. The activity is carried out relative to various sectors ranging from experimentation on structures and structural elements to chemical/physical and mechanical experimentation on construction materials. In addition to testing concrete, brick, mortar, steel, earth and rock, the Laboratory is set up for conducting experimental tests on innovative materials, e.g. in the field of composite materials:

  • materials for construction
  • structural elements for construction
  • experiments and testing on existing structures
  • organic materials and structures

The Materials Testing Laboratory's main building and administrative offices are located at Politecnico di Milano's Leonardo Campus. Since 2003, the Laboratory has also had another facility at Lecco Campus.

Among its activity for third parties, of special prominence is its certification of construction materials, for which the LPM is recognised as the Official Laboratory pursuant to law 1086.

For the last few years, the Materials Testing Laboratory has also certified the conformity of construction products (CE marking) in accordance with Regulation EU No 305/2011 (CPR) which repealed Council Directive 89/106 / EEC (Construction Products Directive – CPD). The LPM is Notified Body no. 1777 for Certification, Inspection and Testing for attestation of conformity of Structural Bearings in accordance with hEN 1337, antiseismic Devices in accordance with hEN 15129 and steel construction products (hEN 10025). This achievement was made possible through collaboration with the Quality Service of Politecnico di Milano, which contributed its quality system expertise.