Textiles Hub - Interdepartmental textiles and polymers research laboratory


  • MIUR strategic line of research “Innovative materials for structural applications”
  • area of university research: “Materials, Micro- and Nanotechnologies”
  • area of university research: “Industrial Products and Processes”
  • H2020 – “Advanced materials” area
  • H2020 – “Advanced manufacturing and processing” area

ERC Sector: PE8 Products and process engineering - Lightweight construction, textile technology


clusTEX plavillion, Building 14 A, via Bonardi 9, Milano
Telephone: +39.02.2399.5145 - +39.02.2399.5135


Equipment already in use

  • Twin-axial traction machine including:
    • 12 jacks (3 per side), equipped with load cells with independent control
    • set of 6 load cells: maximum force 50kN
    • set of 6 load cells: maximum force 25kN
    • contact measurement systems and special clamps for testing samples between 10 cm and 100 cm per side
  • Servo-hydraulic dynamometer (50kN)
  • UV/Vis/NIR spectrophotometer

Equipment being purchased

  • climate chamber for twin-axial traction machine
  • FT-IR spectrophotometer with modules (integrator sphere, specular behaviour sample accessory)
  • double ventilated climatic chamber

Dedicated Software

  • FORTEN and Rhino Membrane for management of the process of design and production of membranes in constructions
  • ‘Digital Image Correlation’ for twin-axial traction machine
  • Lectra Design Concept 3D V4R2

Services provided

  • characterisation of mechanical behaviour under a state of twin-axial force on:
    • textiles and non-textiles
    • technical textiles
    • lined membranes
    • reinforced polymeric membranes
    • elastomers
    • polymeric materials
    • composites
  • measurement of UV-VIS-NIR optical and spectral properties (specular and diffuse hemispherical reflectance, two-directional reflectance and transmittance)
  • measurement of spectral IR properties (diffuse hemispherical reflectance and transmittance, specular reflectance of glass and normal emissivity)
  • characterisation of thermal performance of macroporous and textile walls
  • creation of prototypes and demonstrators for lightweight structures, design objects and construction components made from textiles and/or polymers, such as, for example:
    • tensile structures
    • tent structures
    • pressurised structures
    • emergency tents
    • form-active structures
    • ETFE cushions
    • lamps and other design objects made from textiles and polymers
    • tensed false ceilings
    • dividers, wall linings, wallpapers, etc.
  • study and assessment of the integration of photovoltaic cells into flexible substrates such as membranes and fluoropolymers

Procedures and costs of using equipment

For information and estimates, send an e-mail to: alessandra.zanelli(at)polimi.it or carol.monticelli(at)polimi.it 

Contact Point
Alessandra Zanelli
E-mail: alessandra.zanelli(at)polimi.it 
Ph. +39.02.2399.5135

Management Committee

  • Alessandra Zanelli (coordination, DABC)
  • Adriana Angelotti (DENG)
  • Giorgio Novati (DICA)
  • Andrea Ratti (DESIGN)
  • Marta Rink (DCMC)