The SismoSoilLab is a laboratory specialising in the seismic characterisation of subsoil. The Lab's instrumentation can be used for the mechanical characterisation of the soil surface through a combination of active and passive seismic investigation techniques (refraction, reflection, MASW, REMI, HVSR, 2D array, etc.). In addition to identify the geophysical characteristics of the subsoil at average depths (around 100 m), the availability of eight 20 s seismometers also allows networks to be set up for monitoring environmental noise and seismic events for experimental analyses using the spectral ratio technique. The detailed geological and geophysical information obtained forms the basis for carrying out a correct level 3 seismic microzonation study to assess ground response to a seismic event, differentiated by the geological and geophysical conditions present at the site. The Laboratory applies methods and procedures (in line with current standards) aimed at determining the response of a particular area to a seismic event, principally for national, regional and local authorities (Civil Defence, Regional and Town Councils, etc.) as well as sector professionals. In the building sector, the SismoSoilLab provides support for the design of new structures, or for remedial works on existing and/or protected structures, by assessing the Local Seismic Response in order to define the seismic design loads. The Laboratory also provides support for basic studies and monitoring activities linked to the construction of underground works and activities regarding the storage of gas and deep geothermal energy, including in the form of small temporary monitoring networks.


The SismoSoilLab is located on the ground floor of the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Building 32-1, Colombo street, 40.


  • GEODE 24 channel, 24 bit seismograph with memory expansion and upgraded for continuous data acquisition, inclusive of SGOS software
  • 24 channel seismic cable, 5 m spacing
  • Set of 24 vertical geophones, 4.5 Hz resonance, for measuring MASW and seismic refraction
  • Set of 24 horizontal geophones, 8 Hz resonance, for seismic S wave refraction
  • Seismic source for S waves, self-assembled
  • PASI seismic gun
  • GISCO RadioTrigger
  • Veloget seismometer
  • N° 1 Centaur-6, 6-ch 24-bit remote station, with GPS patch antenna
  • N° 7 Centaur-3, 3-ch 24-bit remote stations, with GPS patch antenna 
  • N° 8 Trillium Compact 20 broadband seismometers (from 20 sec. 100 Hz), 3 components
  • N° 2 Titan accelerometers, 3 components
  • User licence for ATLAS software, Observatory Edition, for data processing and analysis
  • User licence for WINMASW software for MASW data inversion
  • User licence for ReflexW software for processing seismic refraction and reflection data

Services provided

The consultancy services provided by the SismoSoilLab Laboratory include data acquisition campaigns, designed specifically for the situation to be analysed, processing and analysis of the data collected, together with characterisation of the geophysical model of the subsoil for Seismic Microzonation and Local Seismic Response studies. The list of services provided includes:

  • Seismic refraction investigation
  • Seismic reflection investigation
  • MASW investigations
  • REMI investigations
  • HVSR investigations
  • Investigations using 2D Seismic Array
  • HHSR experimental investigations
  • Seismic Microzonation and Local Seismic Response studies
  • Temporary seismic network monitoring

Procedures and costs of using equipment

The SismoSoilLab offers two types of service depending on the source of the request:

  1. From persons outside Politecnico: the instrumentation is not available to persons outside Politecnico, but is instead subject to contracts and assignments carried out by personnel belonging to Politecnico and appointed by the Management Committee. The service includes acquisition, processing and interpretation of the acquired data and the production of the relative technical report;
  2. From persons within Politecnico: the instrumentation is available and is subject to operational and financial agreements with the Management Committee to cover costs. The service can also refer solely to the acquisition and supply of data, which will be carried out by personnel appointed by the Management Committee.

Contact Point
Floriana Pergalani
Ph. +39.02.2399.4258

Management Committee

  • Prof. Luigi Zanzi (DICA)
  • Prof. Claudio Chesi (DABC)
  • Prof. Scira Menoni (DABC)
  • Dr. Floriana Pergalani (DICA)