PHEEL - PHysiology, Emotion and Experience Laboratory


Pheel is a laboratory which summarises the analysis of the biological and physiological signals of individual and expert evaluation in order to study the behaviour of individuals in response to specific stimuli (products/services/experiences, interfaces, advertisements, editorial contents, non-advertising messages, social interaction, etc.).

Thanks to the mix of detection and analysis skills of biological signals, to expert evaluation procedures, semiotics and marketing, Pheel is able to analyse people’s involvement when using various different artefacts, providing innovative and multi-dimensional interpretation keys.

The study of biological signals is a constantly-evolving discipline. The expertise in the field of Biomedical Engineering at the Politecnico di Milano represents a national landmark as well as one of the world's top centres in the field of Engineering Applied to Medicine. Our research protocols use non-invasive methods and instrumentation, verified and tested on a variety of subjects, including children and people in fragile conditions. The experience we have gained at the Design Department of the Politecnico di Milano in the various project applications allows us to provide creative and rigorous interpretation keys, which aim at translating outcomes into concrete design inputs, useful for designing products and services and for defining communication strategies. The expertise of the School of Management of the Politecnico di Milano, a national landmark in the study of consumer evolution in response to the multi-channel revolution of enterprise-market relationships, leads to results which can be immediately put into operation at a managerial level.


Pheel is located in the Polihub, Via Durando 39/A, 7th Floor.

The laboratory can accommodate up to 8 multimodal detection stations (EEG, eye tracking, ECG and respiratory curve wearables, Galvanic Skin Response detectors and facial expression sensors).


The equipment allows both lab data collection and, with reference to specific operating functions, data collection on the move.

  • Electroencephalogram - Attention, engagement, enjoyment, cognitive effort
  • Electrocardiogram and respiratory curve wearables - Relaxation, anxiety, stress, involvement
  • Galvanic skin response detection sensors - Excitement, attention, interest, involvement
  • Eye-tracking equipment - Excitement, cognitive effort, enjoyment, interest, involvement
  • Facial expression detector - Surprise, joy, disgust, anger, fear

Services Provided

  • Advertising
  • Verbal communication and negotiation
  • Product/service web & mobile app design
  • Interaction and interface analysis
  • User Experience analysis
  • Product/service web & mobile app design
  • Packaging analysis
  • Category Management

Procedures and costs of using equipment

Access to equipment and related costs will be defined after an application which will be discussed with members of the Management Committee.

Contact Point
Lucio Lamberti 
Ph. + 39.02.2399.4076

Management Committee

Management Committee

President of the Scientific Committee