MAD.Lab - Electron Beam Melting for Metal Additive Manufacturing


The MAD.LAB laboratory was established in 2017 with the purpose to strengthen the competences of our university in the framework of metal additive manufacturing technologies. The laboratory is specifically focused on the study of powder bed fusion systems and processes with electron beam energy source (Electron Beam Melting).

The mission of MAD.LAB consists of basic and applied research related to the optimization, monitoring and qualification of the Electron Beam Melting process, and the development and characterization of novel materials and innovative product design solutions.

MAD.LAB aims to be a reference laboratory for the research on metal additive manufacturing through the synergy and expertise of involved Departments. MAD.LAB also aims to contribute to the development of multi-disciplinary competences to address industrial applications in different fields (e.g., aerospace, bio-medical, machinery, tooling and moulding, creative industry, etc.) and to consolidate Politecnico di Milano as a metal additive manufacturing centre of excellence.


Via La Masa 34, Building B16 (Bovisa Campus, Milano)


The creation of the MAD.LAB allowed acquiring an Arcam A2 Electron Beam Melting system for additive production of metal parts. The main specifications of the systems are the following:

  • Max build volume: 210 mm x 210 mm x 350 mm
  • Electron beam power: 50 – 3500 W
  • Minimum electron beam spot size: 0.2 mm
  • Scan speed: up to 8000 m/s
  • Pre-heating temperature: up to about 1200 °C
  • Build rate: 55/80 cm3/h (Ti6Al4V)
  • N° of spots in multi-spot scanning mode: 1 – 100
  • Chamber pressure (ultra high vacuum): <1 x 10-4 mBar

The laboratory is equipped with tools and systems for the recovery, management and recycle of metal powders in Atex environment.

The MAD.LAB laboratory makes use of experience and equipment provided by the involved Departments, with particular reference to post-process technologies, measurement systems for the characterization of additively produced metal parts, powder characterization tools, and sensors for in-situ monitoring of the Electron Beam Melting process (including video-imaging and thermal-imaging devices).

Services Provided

Research and analysis activities related to the development of technologies and materials for additive production of metal parts via electron beam powder bed fusion process, carried out under research contracts with public and private companies.

Procedures and costs of using equipment

MAD.LAB performs its activity in the framework of research projects carried out in agreement with public and private entities. The laboratory is also available for conducting studies on Electron Beam Melting process, materials and applications as third-party services. Collaborations within research projects and performing services for third parties shall be evaluated and estimates are provided on request. The use of MAD.LAB equipment entails a fee that allows the financial sustain of the laboratory with respect to use, maintenance and material costs. The fee depends on the type of use: for any information about costs, availability and booking of the equipment, please contact Prof. Bianca Maria Colosimo (DMEC).

Contact Point
Bianca Maria Colosimo
Tel. +39.02.2399.8522

Management Committee

Technical Managers