Lightweight Construction and Durability Performance


The lightweight approach to product design is of paramount importance in the field of vehicles (either aerospace, waterborne or ground vehicles) and can now be applied to a wide range of products. One of the ERC evaluation panels (PE8_13) refers to Lightweight construction. For the development of lightweight products, specific laboratories for testing and characterization of materials or components are required. Special equipment is needed for applications made with nano-materials. In Italy (and, in the configuration proposed at LiDuP, in Europe) there is no laboratory capable of testing components that are subject to thermal, environmental (humidity) and mechanical solicitations. The Laboratory will provide data for both product development and complex component deliberation (Eg elastic bushings, vehicle suspension arms, components of civilian structures, various types of consumer items, etc.). Also tests for monitoring the physical characteristics during the life of the component will be possible (Durability Performance).


Campus Bovisa-Candiani, via Candiani 72, 20158 Milano.


  • Laboratory Last: six axis load cells, RuotaVia System for durability analysis of vehicle components, high speed cameras, general laboratory equipment
  • Department DICA: igrothermal chamber for humidity and temperature application, irradiation lamps
  • laboratory equipment for experimental strain measurement

Service provided

Pluriaxial mechanical testing on components under controlled temperature, humidity and irradiation.

Procedures and costs of using equipment

Costs depend on test setup and are to be agreed on a case-by-case basis.

Contact Point
Gianpiero Mastinu
Tel. +39.333.3267907

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